Friday, November 8, 2013

Music Exploration.

Grade/ Subject:   Music Explortaion

Week.... 10-15 through 12-21

Unit- Music Theory basics

Curriculum Benchmarks :      3.2.1   3.2.2    3.2.5  3.1.3

Supplemental Material :  Fanalli Worksheets (basic theory) 

Students will learn benchmarks-- through independent study students will work at their own pace as these concepts are easier for some than others.  The idea each day is for the students to explore their own direction in the musical world.  Students are required to play an instrument of their choosing and learn to apply basics theory to the instrument.  Some students will also be developing voiced techniques.  The entire first semester of this class will be dedicated to the process of understanding basic music theory and as there is a great deal of information to cover, students will move at different rates through this information.  Students are required to play either as an individual or with a group each day practicing and applying the theory and direction of their specific study.  Throughout the year this group or individuals from this group will be asked to perform or "entertain" for several events or locations. Upcoming events this group is preparing for include the dinner theater performance on November 12th and the play "Little Shop of Horrors" on TBA. 

Assessment----Students are assessed daily on their participation within the group as well as tested through performance of their developing skills and  understanding through daily performance.  A grading rubric is used for the assessment of weekly grade.